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At TownSquare Title, our professional escrow staff provides high attention to detail and friendly service on every transaction. Ensure a successful closing by using TownSquare Title. Contact us today.

TownSquare Title of Wyoming, LLC
1814 Warren Avenue
Cheyenne, WY 82001
(307) 632-4414
(307) 632-6469
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Cathie Tabor-Douglas, Branch Manager/Title Officer
Cathie Tabor-Douglas
Branch Manager / Title Officer
(307) 632-4414
Gayla K. Austin, In-House Counsel
Gayla K. Austin
In-House Counsel
Alli Marker, Escrow Officer
Alli Marker
Escrow Officer
Stephanie Lopez, Escrow Assistant
Stephanie Lopez
Escrow Assistant
Samantha Wells, Escrow Assistant
Samantha Wells
Escrow Assistant
Lyndsey Stumpf, Title Officer
Lyndsey Stumpf
Title Officer
Tina Nguyen, Title Assistant
Tina Nguyen
Title Assistant
Angel Merryman, Administrative Assistant
Angel Merryman
Administrative Assistant
TownSquare Title of Wyoming, LLC
511 S. Kendrick Ave, Suite B
Gillette, WY 82716
(307) 687-7388
(307) 687-7502
Judi Brown, Branch Manager
Judi Brown
Branch Manager
(307) 696-4155
Amanda Zach, Team Member - Escrow
Amanda Zach
Team Member - Escrow
(307) 696-4153
James Wright, Team Member - Title
James “Jim” Wright
Team Member - Title
(307) 696-4154
Jennifer Haskins, Team Member - Administrative
Jennifer Haskins
Team Member - Administrative
(307) 696-4156
Kathy Mansheim, Team Member - Title
Kathy Mansheim
Team Member - Title
(307) 696-4150
Leslee Clements, Team Member - Title
Leslee Clements
Team Member - Title
(307) 696-4157
Anne Collins, Team Member - Administrative
Anne Collins
Team Member - Administrative
(307) 696-4151